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I have noticed that many of you submit vampire works into wrong categories not in my group, but on Deviantart. This is why I decline a lot. For example: vampires must be in categories of fantasy or horror and macabre or dark. Not people. They aren't people. I will decline all works which are submitted into People, because it's wrong. I always report works like this so staff takes a look and makes people resubmit their drawings. If you see something like this, report it. Be a part of these people who make Deviantart clean and neat place. Categories are important.

This is nothing personal, but really, in case of wrong category I will report your drawing so staff moves it. After it's done, you can resubmit works to my group. I am really sick of the lack of order on this site and - even if I know I can do nothing - I will still try to make it a better place. For everyone. Unfortunately, I reported a lot of works, even these magnificent ones so if everyone does it, in the future we can stop doing it. Maybe.

So, think about it. Think about right categories. No matter what you say, vampires aren't people and they should go to proper category. Come on, they don't even look like people... Maybe a bit, but it doesn't mean they may be submitted to categories that don't belong to fantasy world.

I hope you get it.

PS. Your interpretations of movies, books, games in form of drawings and photomanipulations are also fanart! Don't forget it. All fanart in these forms submitted to Deviantart's regular categories will be reported.

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About group:
Welcome to my group, wanderer. If you are here, it means you either like vampires or just found the link by chance. I have to warn you: if you are looking for Twilight or TV series, you are in a wrong place. You looked for fairies and "art" for whiny teenagers, so you have to type something else in Group browser. If you really looked for something like this, please, leave. Also, don't try to find manga and anime here, because you will fail. It's not a place for it. It's a place for original art of a high quality.
Fanart may concern 30 days of night, all versions of Dracula, Van Helsing, Underworld, Interview with the Vampire, but never Twilight, True Blood, Vampire diaries or other crap.
What's inside:
You will find everything here: drawings, photography, photomanipulation and everything else about vampires. I am going to make it a big vault of knowledge and art, but it's going to take time.
TVL is only for vampires. Not everything that is bound to darkness, do don't submit other characters.
I don't care who you are, I don't care about colour of your skin, I don't care if you are a professional drawer or just someone who just began, if your work is neatly done, it will be accepted. Digital, traditional, everything is accepted.
If you share the same interest with me, I will gladly talk to you about vampires, darkness, books and music.
I hope you will have a dark times here.
Something else:
If you are a whiny teenager who wants to submit their wonderful, awesome and totally cool Twilight, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries etc. art then just leave this group. I won't make any exceptions, because I don't accept crap. So, stop.
If you are going to tell me it's wrong I don't accept Twilight, TV series, manga and anime, just take your ass out of this group.
Everyone who makes a rant about exceptions, will be blocked and kicked out. As I said, it's a quality group and no shit is allowed.


Group's tags - what words can describe it and its future contents:
blood | pain | rape | sex | graveyard | cemetery | darkness | fucktwilightintheass | nosparklepires | vampire | night | murder | horror | macabre | notrueblood | notwilight | novampireacademy | nothevampirediaries | noday | evil | demonic | psycho | insane | dark | death |

Not sure about category? First, browse folders multiple times and you will surely find the answer. If it doesn't help (which I don't understand, because how can you not find a proper one after you browsed all folders?), read the rules. The more times you do it, the bigger chance you will find the answer. If it doesn't help (which can make me think bad things about your brain), ask me. But only if you are sure you read the rules multiple times and understood them and after browsing the categories in the gallery.


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oh wow, thank you for adding me.
haha, I love the rules you wrote :D
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cristikirtas Aug 4, 2013  Student Writer
Can I submit Fanfics?

Yes, but you have to read the rules to see what's not allowed here.
cristikirtas Aug 5, 2013  Student Writer
No gay "vampires" (twilight)
No porn
No TV series
No emo stuff
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